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Local Animal Removal Experts
There is nothing more unsettling than hearing rustling noises in your bushes, under your deck or in your attic. Or perhaps as you drift off to sleep you hear a noise that sounds coming from the wall next to your bed, in fact, it is whatever has found its way into your home. You did not invite these unwanted guests and now you need to know the best method of evicting them quickly. That is where your local animal removal experts come in ~ Pro Trap! Usually the most common animals we help local residents and commercial business get rid is this list of outdoor wildlife…  Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, Opossums, Skunks, and Groundhogs. Now, some animals like groundhogs are less likely to move in, instead preferring to burrow underneath homes and lawns creating furrows and can even cause foundational damage to your home.

Other Common Pests

There is more than one type of pest requiring the services of a pest control business. Here are a few scenarios you may have the misfortune of encountering not only animals, but smaller pests and insects too.
  • Cockroach –Have you ever turned on a light and suddenly see something scurry across your kitchen floor? One of the main reasons people need pest control services is due to cockroach infestation. Seeing a single common cockroach can indicate that you have an infestation in your home or commercial building.
  • Stinging Insects – Some pests are not residing in your house but can be just as annoying outdoors. As you try to enjoy a sunny afternoon outside with family, a bee or wasp sting can damper the mood quickly.
  • Birds or Bats – You may be thinking that birds are not pests and should not be included on this list. But that thought changes quickly when these flying creatures find entry into homes. Although it may sound like the plot of an old horror movie, a bird infestation is not a fictional thing.
  • Rodents – A single mouse, squirrel, or another rodent can be an indication of more hiding away in the house. They are small, and sometimes cute, but can cause a lot of property damage if left inside the home. Its wise to request mice and rodent removal right away. Rodents are not partial to invading residential spaces, they can easily infest your commercial property. Especially if it has anything to do with produce or food processing. Mice and other rodents pose health risks but love chewing on anything they can get in their little mouths; wiring, wood, paper, and other things.

Preventative Wildlife Control

Before discussing how to get rid of these pests, here are a few tips to keep them out of your property in the first place. Being a little proactive can go a long way when it comes to keeping animals and wildlife out of your home.
  • Secure and Seal Gaps and Cracks – Unwanted pests do not need a welcome mat and a door to find their way into your home. They only need a small opening, or vulnerable access, to move into your property and bring their family and friends. Fix any small openings or structural elements that afford bothersome pests an opportunity. One way is using steel wool to plug hole openings.
  • Remove Excess Branches and Brush – Don’t let brush and debris collect on your property, leaving you at risk for a potential pest issue. A variety of pests and animals love to utilize these types of areas to settle and make their home.
  • Remove Food and Water Sources – Clean up food and water sources that rodents are attracted to within your home. Outside garbage containers need to be properly sealed with airtight lids. Any exposure to food attracts animals of all kinds.
groundhog removal

Choosing a Professional Animal Removal Expert

If you have an animal issue presently or are unsure if you do, securing the services of the best pest control experts is your first step in eliminating any pests. Here are a few things to consider as you consider different pest control companies.
  • Look for a trusted company with staff experts with knowledge of different types of animal removal or wildlife control. Pests are not limited to the ones listed above but can also include raccoons, snakes, groundhogs, and skunks.
  • Protecting the health of your family and the health of employees is one of your main objectives. Use an expert team that shares those same concerns and can give you peace of mind.
  • Animals are following their instincts for survival and just happen to have found a cosy home with you. Inquire about a company’s animal removal methods and if they provide humane animal removal. It is a possibility that some animals can have a humane relocation.
  • Beware of pest control professionals that pad their services with unnecessary charges in order to raise the price of your bill. Client references are helpful to assure choosing an honest company.
  • What type of guarantee is offered? Is it a money-back guarantee or a certain guarantee period of time? A company that offers effective pest control will have no reservations in providing a guarantee for their services.

Call on Pro Trap to Help!

Whatever pest you are dealing with at home or at your place of business, you can rely on Pro Trap’s skilled staff with the knowledge and experience that you seek. Since 2008, we have continued to provide top-notch customer service like no other pest control company. Rely on Pro Trap to handle any pest or animal control problem. Animal Removal and Pest Control Company From the start by evaluating the source of the problem to handling repairs and preventative measures at the finish, you can have peace of mind that our awesome team will handle everything, all while keeping you informed every step of the way. We guarantee that you will be happy with Pro Trap’s services and we will not stop until you are fully satisfied.


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