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Having pest control problems? We can help. Our pest control specialists can take care of all your spider problems, bed bugs, ants and more.

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  • Spider Spray
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Ant Control
  • Termite Control
  • Flea Extermination
  • Cockroach Control
  • Hornets & Wasps


All ants live in colonies consisting of the queen, an egg-laying female, short-lived males, and sterile female worker ants.  Most people are familiar with the worker ants, as they are the ones most commonly seen leaving a trail across your home. They use pheromones to mark the way to food for other ants to follow.  Our cleaning and ant removal methods not only destroy the colony but also clean up after the pheromones so that no other ants will pick up on the trail. Our staff at Pro Trap includes fully trained, licensed and insured technicians who will work with you to determine the exact problem and a viable solution for you when it comes to ant issues.  We use products that are environmentally safe for you, your loved ones, and your pets.

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flea-extermination-and-control-by-Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control in Southwestern Ontario


While everyone agrees that fleas are a nuisance, people often do not realize how truly dangerous they can be to you and your family.  They can spread disease and some can even cause tapeworms.  Fleas like to nest in carpets or in pet’s bedding and will cause red itchy spots and sores where they bite.  If you want to get rid of fleas forever, you can’t just treat your pet – you must treat your home as well. Our staff at Pro Trap includes fully trained, licensed and insured technicians who will work with you to figure out the exact problem you are having with fleas and figure out how to resolve it in the fastest and most efficient manner.  We use products that are both environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family. Our results are also 100% guaranteed.


Roaches require patience and consistency and Pro Trap is confident we can get a head of the roach cycle at hand.  Roaches have a six month egg cycle, which means if an egg were laid today, it could hatch tomorrow or six months from now. We know that one treatment is not enough because of the nature of the egg cycle. Though you will see a significant difference immediately, you will see a roach here and there as time passes because of new roaches hatching out. After the initial service the treatment takes 3-5 days to take effect.  This is because the products we use are environmentally and family safe so it was designed to be productive yet not as harmful as the on contact products you can buy.  At times it may seem, directly after your first treatment that there are more roaches, this is not the case. The truth is, the roaches have always been there but they were hiding and coming out at night.  What we use makes them sick to start off and then kills.

Be patient this will end and you will see that by following our program you will have long term success at conquering these intruders. We recommend a bimonthly service for up to six months for a successful process.  These treatments need to occur so that the eggs that hatch, and those baby roaches that come out, will come in to contact with an active chemical for them to be fully exterminated.   It’s best this way because the sick roaches actually spread the chemical to the other roaches for a better, long term, solution.  What we do WORKS!  It may require patience, but it works.

Roach Control Treatment Options:

Monthly (Recommended for infestation of roaches)

Bi-monthly (Recommended intermediate roach activity)

cockroaches-extermination-and-control-by-Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control in Southwestern Ontario
wolf-spider spray and control by Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control in Southwestern Ontario


If you see an excess number of spiders within or on your home, it is wise to call an exterminator immediately. What starts as just a few spiders can quickly turn into something out of a nightmare – a full-blown spider infestation. Getting your home treated will keep the exterior of your home clean and web free. When you call the spider exterminators at Pro Trap, a pest control technician will work with you to develop a personalized plan.


Bed bugs can be a problem for homeowners in Ontario and for anyone that has the misfortune of sharing a living space with them. They are a “hitchhiker” bug which means if your kids are at school and someone has them on a backpack, they easily could make their way over to your child’s backpack and then intrude your living space. These bugs are known most often for living in your bed but that is not all? They do take up residence behind pictures on your walls, carpet, sofa’s, linens, and so forth. They come out at night to eat, and are looking for your blood!  If you wake up in the morning with itchy or bruised skin, bed bugs could be the problem. This treatment has to be done correctly to make sure to kill all bed bugs. It will take several hours for this treatment to cover all that needs to be done. Many Ontario homeowners have found relief from the presence and misery caused by these bugs.

bed-bugs-extermination-and-control-by-Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control in Southwestern Ontario
Hornets-and-Wasp-extermination-and-control-by-Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control in Southwestern Ontario


Hornets and wasps are a huge threat to any outdoor fun you may want to have, as they will build their nests almost anywhere and are extremely aggressive and territorial.  They can deliver a painful sting when provoked, and, if allergic to this, could cause a costly hospital visit or even death.  We recommend that you leave the wasps alone and allow a professional to help – just because you do not have allergies does not mean that you could not have a painful reaction to the sting, and it is safer for you and your family if you allow a professional to do their job.

Our staff at Pro Trap will gladly help with the situation. Our trained technicians are fully licensed and insured and will remove the wasps or hornets from the area in a quick and safe manner.  The products we use are environmentally friendly and also safe for you, your pets, and your loved ones.  Our results are 100% guaranteed and we cannot wait to work with you to fulfill your needs!

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