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A – Many different animals could get into your attic. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, mice, rats, snakes, and birds are the most common animals that would live in an attic.

A – The most common place for an animal to get into a home is through a soffit corner or roof vent. Every home is different and the condition of the home or roof could be another factor.

A – All wildlife can cause damage to the insulation. They like to move it around and tear it up and make nests with it. Once the insulation has been damaged and packed down. The sound of wildlife will them be amplified. A small mouse could sound like stampede in the attic when you are trying to sleep.

A – You can make an appointment for a free inspection to give you the answers. We will not know for sure what it is you are hearing over the phone unless we do the inspection.

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