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About Us

Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control Team in Southwestern Ontario


Pro Trap wants to earn your trust. We promise to provide all our clients with the utmost respect and customer service ever. We will have a solution to every problem. We will give you the information you need to solve any problem you may have. That’s how we will be the company you can trust and rely on for all your wildlife control and pest management needs.


Pro Trap was established in 2008 by Don & Dan Bridgen. The goal of Pro Trap is to provide customer service like no other. When it comes to nuisance wildlife problems, we have the solutions. Our background in the construction field goes hand in hand when it comes to nuisance wildlife control. The common problem most people have with wildlife is that they can get into their home. Pro Trap resolves that problem with knowing just how to stop that from happening. This is what we specialize in. From wildlife to insects we will have the solution that is right for you. We want to be the company you can trust. We will educate all of our clients, in a way that they can understand. We will not be that company that just does service calls with a band-aid fix and no solutions. Pro Trap is ready to get our hands dirty and we carry the tools needed to get things done. Our professional team has been trained and certified to do what it takes to get the job done right the first time.


We understand you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a wildlife & pest control provider.

So, why should you choose us?

1. We don’t try to squeeze more out of you.

When we apply our pest control treatments, the service includes eliminating landscape pests, home invaders, and biting insects. Other companies pile on additional costs by charging for each type of pest. We don’t think that’s right—and we bet you don’t either.

2. We do the best thing for you and the environment.

We have a deep-rooted respect for the environment and a fierce commitment to satisfying our customers by doing what’s best for their families. Because of this, we have carefully developed our treatments to minimize the use of chemicals and pesticides, stress upon wildlife, while remaining on the cutting edge of effective insect and pest control.

3. We take our job seriously.

We don’t offer a million services. Instead, we focus on providing the best pest and wildlife control in southern Ontario. We work hard to teach each of our team members the best practices in safety and effectiveness. And every customer receives our full, courteous attention.

4. We do what others won’t.

We accept the challenge of finding all the gaps, cracks, and holes that pests can get into your home from. We will always do a full inspection on the outside of the home. Upon inspection we will then discover all entry point areas that will need repair; we will then go over the findings with our client for them to have them fixed. Or we submit a quote for us to do the repairs. We guarantee that you’ll be completely happy with our services. If you’re not happy with one of our applications, just tell us, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it completely right. Period.

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