When Should I Call For Wildlife Removal Services?


When you encounter an animal in or around your home, your first instinct might be to call the Humane Society, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre or SPCA. After all, they deal with wildlife, correct? Though the humane society might take action to remove small critters or wildlife from residential homes, it is not always the first call you should make.

Below are a few scenarios when you should contact wildlife removal services.

  1. Sick or Injured Animal Hiding in an Unreachable Place

Even though the Humane Society, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and SPCA handle wildlife removal, they are not fully equipped with the tools or the means to remove severely sick or injured wild animals that are hiding in areas of your home that are unreachable, such as behind walls. In this case, your best bet would be to call a wildlife control service for help.

  1. Wildlife Living in Your Home

When wildlife begins taking occupancy in your home, they could be living in your home’s walls, attic, or basement. Other areas could be in your surrounding areas, like your yard, shed, or crawlspace. When you discover this, that is when you need to call a wildlife removal company. They will take care of removing raccoons, squirrels, bats, opossums, rodents, birds and even snakes from your home. Making the call as soon as possible can help you prevent the spread of diseases in your home, that animals can be carrying and help you prevent costly and significant damage to your property.

  1. Preventing Future Wildlife Intrusions

After the animal is removed from your home, they could find their way back into your home through the same way they came in. Even if it is not the same animal, they have opened up a way into your home for any animal or pests to get in. The humane society, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre or SPCA will do no more than simply remove the animal. They will not identify and repair entry points to prevent future intrusions. A wildlife control service company, however, will not only remove the animals in a humane way, but will also make sure that no others enter again. You’ll have a guarantee that all insulations or other common areas of entry will be repaired effectively to prevent future re-entry. The company will find the source and fix it.

If you discover any of these signs and suspect any wildlife intrusion contact your Pro Trap team to safely remove the nests and areas damaged by the animal. We will also repair the points of entry to prevent them from coming back into your home.


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