5 Signs You Have Squirrels in the Attic


One of the worst things to happen during the colder months is to have squirrels living in your attic. Squirrel damage could cause some structural damage to your home. This particular rodent chews often on the wood structure of your home once inside. The reason why squirrels need to chew constantly is because the squirrel’s teeth are always growing so they need to keep them sharpened and trimmed by chomping on hard objects. But if you have a squirrel infestation, they can chew on wooden beams, electrical wires and anything they can chew on.

Why is it bad for squirrels to chew on hard objects in my attic?

  • Damage from squirrels chewing on wooden beams can result in the collapse of the roof or walls
  • Squirrels chewing on electrical wires could start a fire and burn your home down
  • When squirrels chew their way into your attic that allows other critters to enter

What signs tell you that you have squirrels living in your attic?

  1. Scratching, chewing or rustling sounds from the attic or walls. Typically heard in the morning or evening when squirrels are in the nest
  2. A disgusting smelly odour. Their droppings and urine will start to stink if not properly cleaned
  3. Visual of actual droppings. Seeing feces is a good indicator. However, make sure it’s squirrel poop because it looks similar to other animals
  4. Damage to your home. Holes in the siding, soffits or vents. Chewed wires, insulation damage or evidence of a nest
  5. Watch and see if the squirrels get into the attic or chimney

If you discover any of these signs and suspect a squirrel infestation contact your Pro Trap team to safely remove the nests and squirrels. We will also repair the points of entry to prevent them from coming back into your home.


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