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Why get rid of skunks from your home?

Skunks can live on your property for a number of reasons. An obvious reason is food source and or shelter.  Skunks will live almost anywhere, including underneath inground pools, sheds, decks and even in your crawspace.  Skunks can ruin the enjoyment of your property not only from its smell, but they also can tearing up your lawn to find grubs, and other insects.

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About Skunks

Skunks are typically grow 32 inches in length and weigh approximately 14 pounds, similar in size to a typical house cat. Skunk is easily recognized due to its black fur and prominent white markings. The average adult skunk has one stripe running from the tip of their snout to the crest of their forehead, as well as a stripe that runs down the length of their back. Skunks use their spray as a last line of defense against predators. The spray’s intensely odor. Skunks are capable of accurately spraying up to 12 feet. The spray is intended to give a skunk cover to escape, but it is not lethal unless ingested in abnormally high doses.

Pro Trap will inspect your home to find any skunk entry points – such as any holes, crevices, or gaps that are large enough for skunk to enter.  By removing the places skunks have to find shelter, rest, hide, or build nests and rear young, they cannot survive and will look elsewhere.


Keeping Skunks Out

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