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Q – How do I know if I have a skunk living on my property?

A – If skunks are living on the property you will notice a hole dug out from somewhere, under a shed, deck, porch, in ground pool patio, etc. the hole you will find would be four to six inches in diameter.

Q – How can I stop skunks from living under my pool and deck?

A – The only way to keep skunks from living on the property is by removing the skunks from where they are living and installing an exclusion barrier to keep skunks from getting back under the pool or deck.

Q – How far can skunks spray?

A – Skunks can spray and hit their target at up too fifteen feet away.

Q – How many skunks could I have under my deck?

A – On average four to six skunks is very common. If you have a mother with babies you could have up too twelve to fifteen. Skunks can have large litters.