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Have you got cockroaches crawling your kitchen? If you need to exterminate cockroaches, we can help. Our pest control specialists have over 30 years experience in dealing with all types of cockroach. With our fast and effective treatments we get the job done right to keep your home cockroach free. Our pest control tech’s will come out and inspect for the type of cockroach you may have and how big the infestation is, then apply the appropriate treatment to rid you of cockroaches. There are three main types of cockroaches that we travel throughout you home. Common area you may find them are in your kitchen near heat sources like fridges and stoves also they maybe in the cupboards or walls of your home. Below are some common types of cockroaches you may encounter.
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German Cockroach

The German cockroach is one of the most common roaches found in apartment houses, restaurants, and hotels. They are small light-brown roaches and seen mainly in kitchens and bathrooms. These roaches prefer living in warm areas with easy access to moisture and food. That is why they are so commonly found in the kitchen. Sanitation measures are critical in controlling German roaches.  They are usually spotted at night. If you see German roaches during the day, there is likely a substantial infestation present.

Adult German roaches measure in size from 1/2 inch- 5/8 inch long with a flattened oval shape and long antennae. They vary in color from light to medium brown. These roaches have two distinctive dark stripes behind the head as a distinctive trait.

These cockroaches frequently live in floor drains that drain directly outside; they use these drains are also used as entrances to homes. Oriental roaches may enter your house in search of food. During times of drought, there may be a movement towards the inside of the home, but generally speaking, they are found outdoors during the warmer months. They may also move inside if it is unseasonably cold. Oriental roaches often move inside in large numbers.

Oriental cockroaches exhibit a shiny black to a dark reddish-brown color.  Growing to only 25 mm in length, the smaller males have shortened, three-quarter-length wings.  The female oriental roaches reach a length of 32 mm and have no wings.  While differing in appearance, neither males nor females can fly.


Oriental Cockroaches


American Cockroaches

They don’t require the same moisture resources as the German Roach, so they are commonly found in furniture, or on the walls and ceilings.  They have a preference for high resting places with many eggs deposited on the upper third of the walls.  They are not as widely found in the kitchen and bathrooms, as the German Roach, but can be located near refrigerator motors and other major appliances.

Brown-Banded Roaches are light brown, about 1/2 inch long. The pronotum is a black bell-shaped pattern with a translucent border. They have two light, irregular bands along with their wings. The wings extend the full length for males and extend 2/3 length for females. Both sexes have wings, but only the male Brown-Banded roach flies.

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