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Raccoons Q&A


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Bats in the house? If you need bat control we can help. Our bat control specialists can take care of all your bat problems.

Q – How do you remove raccoons from my home?

A – We set a trap right where the raccoon has entered the home. We use screen to direct the raccoon to go right into the trap like a funnel to ensure we only catch the problem raccoon and not all the raccoons in the whole area.

Q – What do you do after you catch the raccoon?

A – We will re-set the trap to ensure there are no more raccoons in your home.

Q – Do I need to hire another contractor or roofer to repair the entry point to keep other raccoons from getting back into my home?

A – No you don’t have to hire someone to do repairs. Our technicians are trained and know what it takes to keep raccoons out. Our repairs, called exclusion barriers will be warrantied for five years. We specialize in keeping animals out.

Q – Do you think the raccoon caused damage in my attic?

A – Raccoons do cause damage to attics. We will do a full attic inspection. If any damages have occurred, we can fix it.  We also do full attic restorations and install new insulation.  Deodorize and disinfect, and clean up all the messes.