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Bats in the house? If you need bat control we can help. Our bat control specialists can take care of all your bat problems.

A – Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure. Having a trained professional do an inspection will let you know for sure. One sign that you may have bats is small piles of feces that may look like mice droppings on the outside of your home.

A – Bats don’t really cause any structural damages to a home. Bats do pose severe health risks to pets and humans. When bats are living in the home they produce a lot of waste that can be considered toxic to pets and humans. Spores can be formed and go airborne. If inhaled it could be a fatal health risk. Bats are carriers of many life threatening dieses and also number one carriers of rabies.

A – The only way to stop bats form living in your home is to seal up all the cracks and gaps that are one half inches or bigger. And the whole home has to be done to be sure.

ldlife control in southern Ontario. We work hard to teach each of our team members the best practices in safety and effectiveness. And every customer receives our full, courteous attention.

A – After the home has been completely sealed bat extractors will be installed at all main entry points where bats have been getting in to the home.

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