Wildlife Control Chatham: Top 3 Animals Found in Your Attic

Wildlife Control Chatham

Maybe you’ve heard something that goes bump in the night or seen a flickering shadow in your attic that should not be there. While this may seem creepy, unless it is an actual ghost, ProTrap Pest & Animal Control can help you get the offending animal out of your house. You may need to do repair work afterward, but don’t worry we do that too!

Especially when dealing with wild mammals, a licensed critter control service is your best option. There are many reasons to leave this task to the professionals—mostly for your own health and safety! Our trained professionals will set up the proper protection measures, in your home’s attic to keep everybody safe. While we don’t advise that you take any drastic actions yourself, here are some ways to identify the top 3 wild animals in Chatham that might be making their homes inside yours.


If you hear fluttering around dusk, you may have bats in your attic. Dusty, pellet-shaped droppings are another indication. Some people may be worried about getting bats in their hair or think that bats are out for blood. But there are good and bad reasons to worry about bats; normally, they eat mosquitoes and other harmful insects, making them the lesser evil of some other pests.


Superstition aside, the most valid reason to want bats gone from your attic is that they can be infectious or communicable by contact. That means they can spread diseases even if they don’t look or act infected. According to, a bat’s immune system is so strong that a lot of viruses that affect humans don’t affect bats, but bats can pass those super-viruses onto people. Scientists are studying the immune systems of these nocturnal animals to understand the human immune system and prevent future outbreaks.


wildlife removal of brown bats by Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control in Southwestern Ontario


The poison may be the cure, but the cure to bats in your house is calling a bat removal specialist in the local Chatham area.

Raccoons (and Opossums)

Raccoons have become famous thanks to the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but they are not usually welcome as house guests. If you hear thumping above you, especially at night, it is most likely a raccoon or an opossum. As sneaky as raccoons and opossums may seem, they are clunky compared to smaller, faster rodent relatives. The presence of either one of these bulky critters probably means you need to do some repairs to the roof deck, as they must have got in there somehow.

And if you hear a distinct chittering/purring, that raccoon might have babies! This requires a consultation from racoon removal service; baby mammals require special care, and relocation, especially if something happened to their mom. Our Wildlife control has you covered!


Racoon on Roof


The good news is that the raccoon in your attic probably doesn’t have rabies. Only worry about this if the raccoon bites you. The bad news is that where there are raccoons, there will be raccoon droppings. Among other things, many raccoons have a roundworm, Baylisascaris procyonis (“raccoon roundworm”),in their feces. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control says that, although rare, children and pets can get infected by this roundworm, which can cause coma and blindness. (This is also why pet raccoons are a terrible idea.)

If you suspect a raccoon, see if you can catch a glimpse of its fluffy, banded tail. Shine a flashlight and see if you can see its eyes flashing. (In the case of an opossum, it will look more like a giant rat.) Again, no matter how cute raccoons are, we don’t want anybody to get hurt or sick. Do not attempt to touch or feed wild animals. This is when you should call a licensed wildlife removal service if you have a raccoon or opossum in your attic.


We’ve saved the best (or worst) for last. Rodents are a large group of animals that include squirrels, mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and even Canada’s favorite animal, the beaver. While nobody is worried about a gerbil infestation anytime soon, squirrels, mice, and rats require Wildlife control services in Chatham if they get in your house. The scratching in the walls and attic will be distinct—and, if you have a cat, watch them closely. If you see them running after something small and quick, it may be time to call in the rodent removal experts.


rodent infestation in Chatham attic


The worst thing about a rodent infestation is that you don’t know the actual quantity of rodents in your house; they get into little crawl spaces and walls, hiding, multiplying, and chewing. We need to emphasize that last one; a rodent’s teeth never stop growing, so they must constantly chew on something. This can be wood, concrete, or even electrical wiring! Of all the animals on this list, only rodents will hurt your building by being there.

Our critter control experts are trained to get every last offending animal out of its hole. Since one mouse probably means more, better safe than sorry!

What if I Have Another Problem?

Not to worry! Our expert wildlife control in Chatham and animal removal experts are always ready to take on (and take away!) any offending animal you have on your property. We use humane removal services as well, to put your mind at ease about any animal cruelty.

Animal Removal and Pest Control Company

We also remove dead animals, trap wild animals, and also repair any home damage a critter can do to your roof or attic. Contact us about our animal removal services and wildlife control in Chatham today!


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