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Sometimes, figuring out the source of a pest infestation can be like detective work. You may hear noises, see some damage that looks like teeth marks or find messy droppings. You might see something with too many legs scurry under your furniture before you get a good look. To help you find out who-dunn-it, here are some easy ways that can help you identify the unwanted visitors in your house without seeing the culprit.



Did you know that squirrels are among the most common causes of power outages? According to, squirrels can cause a surprisingly high amount of damage to your power lines. They may look cute, but squirrels can easily share habitats with humans and get into trouble in your home. If you get a power outage on a sunny day, a squirrel might be the culprit.

Mice and rats may cause you to jump, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Rodents can get into food, insulation, and, just like squirrels, electrical wires and devices. A family of mice can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Some people even have allergic reactions to mice!


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But squirrel, mouse, or rat, there are a few ways to identify your mystery pest as a rodent. You will probably hear them running or squeaking inside the walls of your house. You may also notice pieces of furniture or other items with bite marks; rodents have constantly-growing teeth that need to be worn down. Finally, if you see little black droppings, that is a sure sign of a mouse problem—even if you don’t see the mouse!

And if you have a large wild animal causing damage, worry not. Our professionals can handle any pest control issue you might have with our pest services.



In stories and movies, ants are usually the good guys. They work together, farm, and build houses, just like people! But they can also be destructive pests. You can’t leave food products out to enjoy unless you want them covered in ants, and if you have pavement ants, they can come back every year! This pest speaks for itself, but if you see one ant, there are almost certainly more.




Our professional Canadian pest solutions will make sure they never get into your house again!



Cockroaches are the ninjas of the pest world. You probably won’t know they are there until you see one slip into the shadows. Other signs include droppings, eggs, mysterious odours, and sometimes shed skin.




To make matters worse, cockroaches are notoriously resilient; this article from the Smithsonian details how any cockroaches that survive one round of pesticides can have resistant offspring. Your cockroach infestation is best left to the professionals.



If you have a dog, you have probably met fleas at least once. These tiny insects can make dogs and humans alike scratch like crazy. If you take your dog to the vet, and the vet tells you about something called “flea dirt,” you have an infestation.




Like mosquitoes, fleas can carry disease to humans from other mammals. Flea collars and fancy baths are not effective treatments to get these pests out of your home. You’re better off spending your time and money on professional pest control services to get them out of your hair (and bed, dog, etc.) for good.



If your house has cobwebs, spiders are sure to follow. Spiders probably should not be considered pests. These beneficial animals remove many of the more harmful insects from the ecosystem. Canada has very few dangerous spiders; according to, the most notable is the black widow spider, which is easily identified by the female’s black body and bold hourglass marking. Although these spiders serve a purpose, as a homeowner, chances are that you would prefer if they serve their purpose outside of your home, and we can’t blame you!




The easiest way to keep spiders out of your house is by keeping it clean. Most of the time, they are harmless and will be more interested in eating the problematic insects on this list. But if you want spiders removed for your peace of mind, we understand. After all, if there’s a spider, what is it eating?


Other Pests

Do you have bats in your belfry? Did you poke a hornet’s nest and regret it? Is there a nearby family of skunks that you’d rather like to avoid? Let us help you with our proven ProTrap pest solutions.


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We have experience with all aspects of wildlife control and are your Local animal removal experts in Windsor.  We can handle all types of residential or commercial pest control, and are here for you when you need us!



Once you’ve identified the source of your pest issue, it’s time to call in the professionals for home pest control services in Windsor.


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Even if your pest culprit did not appear on this list, we are among Essex County’s best wildlife trappers and pest control companies. Contact us about your pest problem today!


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