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Q – I have something digging up my lawn, what could it be?

A – Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and opossums all dig up lawns.

Q – Why are they digging up my lawn?

A – The main reason for wildlife to dig up the lawn is because there are grubs in the lawn. And wildlife will eat the grubs.

Q – How can I stop them from digging?

A – The only way is to trap the wildlife and remove them. They will not stop digging night after night until all the grubs are gone.

Q – Is there a way to get rid of the grubs?

A – There is no effective way that actually gets rid of the grubs. Some people have their lawn treated to kill grubs. Most treatments are not effective and cause more problems to the lawn. My opinion is that people that have their lawn treated for grubs have more problems with wildlife than others that don’t have their lawn treated. Judging by my experience and talking to many clients over the last fifteen years.

Q – I noticed a hole was dug to get under my deck, what could this be from?

A -The most common wildlife that will dig to get under a deck, shed, or in ground pools are skunks, rats, and opossums. They are creating a new home under your deck.