Terms & Conditions



It is the client’s responsibility to read and understand all terms and conditions before signing.

By signing or paying a deposit for this contract, the client is you and has agreed to all terms and conditions.

Client has agreed and given Pro Trap and employee’s permission to go on to the property at any time during the trapping, removal, repair process, or while our equipment is on site.

Client has agreed to all pricing on contract no matter how long the job takes to complete the work listed on the contract. Pro Traps first priority is to get the wildlife out. Client understands repairs and exclusion barriers may not get done right away due to high demand of wildlife activity during the different seasons. Quoted pricing is based on the specialty work of our industry and profession and not how long it takes to complete. During the consultation and explaining the details of a job verbally some clients may not to have a clear understanding of what was said or explained. Client agrees with what is in writing on the contract is what was agreed too and additional fees that could occur due to different situations as stated in the terms and conditions.


Free inspections consist of looking at the home or structure from the outside / inside or possibly looking into the attic or crawlspace only. Not climbing into. Free inspections are only for the first visit to the property only. All other inspections requested by the client will be charged for each time thereafter and added to the invoice. Due to the health risks and other risks involved with attic or crawlspace inspections a minimum fee of $125 for each will be added to the invoice.


Service calls are getting a technician to the property for any reason. The standard fee is $85 per service call. Service call fee includes: outdoor or indoor inspections only or to access a situation only. Service call fees do not include any labor or materials of any kind.

After hour service calls that cannot wait until regular hours of operation start at $185 and there will not be a free first-time inspection after regular hours of operation. Regular hours of operation are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Holidays or Saturday and Sunday are not scheduled and will be considered after hour service calls.


Client fully understands that trapping and removal of wildlife is a totally separate from repair costs.

Client understands that dealing with wildlife is unpredictable. Removing wildlife is sometimes hard and no one knows the number of wildlife we will be dealing with. The trap setup fee includes only one animal if caught or the trap set for up to ten days only. The trap reset fee does not cover the animal. After the first animal has been caught each animal caught will be paid for individually not including the trap reset fees. Pro Trap does not guarantee to catch any animal at any time. Each animal caught after the first will be charged for separately and added to the invoice. The trap reset fee does not cover the animal. After the first animal has been caught each animal caught will be paid for individually not including the trap reset fees. Pro Trap does not guarantee to catch any animal at any time. Each animal caught after the first will be charged for separately and added to the invoice. If no scheduled repairs are to be done, the trap will be removed and the entry points will be left open as they were before setting the trap. If the trap is required after ten days a service fee will be applied to the invoice. If an animal has been trapped and the client wants the trap re set, a service fee will be applied to the invoice. Each time a technician must return to a property to repair or alter the trap or close another entry point a service fee will be applied to the invoice. Client understands that wildlife can unset traps, make new entry points at any time. Client understands if an animal has been trapped and caught before it will resist going into the trap at all costs. Client understands that our methods of trapping may have to be changed a few times in order to catch or remove wildlife in different situations. Because every situation can be different service fees will be applied each time we go to a property.  Pro Trap has the right to release the same animal on site if client refuses to pay for the removal of the animal(s).  The client or contact person is fully responsible for the well being of a trapped animal(s) at their property and are aware they must call before 8:00 am or a rerouting fee of $25 will be applied to the bill.  Pro Trap will not be held responsible if a skunk sprays or any animal bites, scratches, or injures a pet, child, or other at any time.  Pro Trap will not be responsible for any damage to the structure(s), landscaping, on contents of the property by an animal of any kind during or after the trapping process.  Pro Trap will not be held responsible if an animal dies, or gets blocked in on the premises during the trapping process.  Pro trap will not be responsible for an animal chewing, scratching or cause damage trying to get back in the premises or succeeding.


Client fully understands that wildlife can go dormant during the cold months. Wildlife may not move for long periods of time. Making them very difficult to remove. Client understands that the removal process could take months to remove. Client understands they must be patient and may have to tolerate noises for a long period of time. Wildlife must come out when they are ready to do so. Not much anyone can do during the cold seasons.


Removal of baby wildlife from attics can be difficult due to accessibility and the age of the wildlife. If the wildlife can move around and hide this will require new strategies and may cost more to resolve the problem as quoted.  Baby removal from attics starts at $250 but can go up from there. Pro Trap cannot guarantee we will get all of the wildlife out of an attic space, due to wildlife are able to fall into walls and unreachable places.


The traps or wildlife extractors used are the client’s responsibility and any lost, stolen, or damaged trap or wildlife extractors must be replaced by the client at full replacement value plus a $30 restocking fee for each trap or extractor.


Skunk removal pricing will be much more than other wildlife. Due to the health risks and contamination of our equipment and employee’s. All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.  Also the travel time that must be allotted is more extensive than dealing with other wildlife. Pro Trap will not remove skunks from a property unless it was quoted on contract or charged separately.

Removal of skunks in a trap that a client has setup themselves has more risk involved removing the skunks from the trap. Due to not thinking about the placement of the trap when it was set or not using a spray proof trap. Other fees will be applied depending on the situation.


Client fully understands that bats are one of the hardest to get rid of. Due to the fact that they can get into the smallest of gaps. Client understands that bats are creatures of habit and they are relentless and persistent on trying to get back in to a place they were living in for years to come. If a gap opens up due to contraction or expansion of the building or structure the bats will find it and get back in. Client fully understands that no one has any control over that and that is why it will not be covered by warranty. Client understands Pro Trap cannot stop bats from landing on the home or structure after a seal up has been completed. Bats may land and leave a mess for years after. Client understands no one has control over that, and no one can warranty that. Client understands some bats may not get out in the allotted time of the removal process. Bats can survive for many months trapped inside a building or structure. Client understands other fees may apply above the quoted price if other strategies are required. Client understands any bat removal from inside a building or structure is never covered by any warranty and removal fees will apply for each.


If Pro Trap is required to remove sick or injured wildlife ($50.00+hst) will be added to the quoted pricing for each. Due to having to handle sick wildlife differently than the healthy wildlife. The cleaning process after handling sick wildlife is extensive and takes a lot of time. Removal of sick wildlife must be dispatched humanely by law.


Cat removal requires a lot more travel time, expenses, and paperwork. Pro Trap brings all cats to the humane society and it is mandatory to give a donation for each cat brought in. clients agree to pay all additional fees to remove cats. Average price $65 above trapping costs for each cat. Pricing subject to change at any time due to location, travel time, and time spent at the humane society.


After our trapping process is over and if we have done the repairs to keep wildlife out and you are still hearing noises. The client understands that other strategies may have to be done and other service fees will apply. Pro Trap will not be held responsible if wildlife dies in an attic or crawlspace at any time during or after repairs. Pro Trap will not be held responsible if wildlife gets locked into an attic or crawlspace caused by repairs or trapping methods at any time.


Attic’s and crawl spaces may sometimes have junk, wood, plastic, steel, metal, cement or other hidden objects inside, the quote given will not include the removal of these items.  If the client would like these items removed an extra cost for labour and disposal fee’s will be added.  Pro Trap will not be held responsible for any items that should not be there.


Pro trap and technicians will not be held responsible for any damages to a home, property, landscaping or structure of any kind caused by trapping methods, removal methods, repairs, installing exclusion barriers, or restorations at any time. The client understands that accidents can happen and nothing was damaged by intent. By accepting the contract, the client has agreed Pro Trap and Employees will not be held responsible for any damages of any kind what so ever at any time during or after the contract. The client has agreed and will take on all responsibilities and or costs due to any damages that may occur.


Client agrees all wildlife trapping and removal payments are due on the day of each service.

Client agrees to pay 25% down on all repair or restorations quoted.

Client agrees to pay in full the remainder of the quoted price on the scheduled day of completion.

All payment plans must be approved before the job has been started.

Client agrees that there will be penalties, administration fees, and interest charged if not paid on time.

Penalties and interest will be applied the day after the scheduled completion date and every 15 days after.  Any bill not paid a 2% per month 26% annually interest charge will be added to the remainder amount owing until paid.



All warranties are limited to 5 year. The warranty is for the work done and only what was stated on the contract for repairs and exclusion barriers on the outside of a building or structure only.

Warranties are non-transferrable if the home is sold or changes occupancy.

All warranties will never include rodents, pests, insects, or bats from re-entering a home or structure. Even if exclusion barriers were installed to keep them out.

After a home has been sealed to keep out wildlife, warranties do not cover contraction or expansion on any materials used to build a home or structure. Metal roofs for example has movement all of the time in different temperatures. No gap today, but big gap tomorrow.   No one can have control over that.  If Pro Trap returns to client’s home and Pro Trap’s exclusion barrier has been tampered with warranty will be void and a service call fee will be applied.  Pro trap will not be responsible for an animal chewing, scratching or cause damage trying to get back in the premises or succeeding.


Client agrees not to slander Pro Trap or employees at any time or anywhere. Client agrees not to post pictures, videos, messages, or anything regarding Pro Trap or employees on any social media sites or other for any reason at any time.  Failure to uphold these terms and conditions will result in the removal of the content immediately and paying a fee of $1000.00


Client understands that different situations will change pricing and pricing listed below are subject to change at any time.

Standard service call fee $85 for any reason (does not include labor or materials)

Trap setup fee $150 ground sets only (one trap), not including skunk trapping

Trap setup fee for roof sets will be quoted.

Extra trap setup fee $50 each (does not include animal)

Trap reset fee $85

With multiple traps it will be $45 per animal after the first each visit

Indoor wildlife removal starts at $125 and up

Sick or injured animal removal $50 above regular pricing

One-way door wildlife extractors are seasonal and pricing will be quoted

Snare pole wildlife removal starts at $125 and up

Skunk removal $100 above regular pricing and not included with trap setup fees. (Unless quoted)

Cat removal $65 above regular pricing and not included with trap setup fees. (Unless quoted)

Inspection outdoor only $85 each

Attic inspection $125 each

After hour service calls starts at $185 and up (regular hours 8am to 4pm)


Pro Trap is not responsible for any dead mice or rats, if you request clean up there will be additional charges applied to original contract.


Should Pro Trap wildlife control & pest management require the services of an attorney for the enforcement of any provision of the contract agreement or legal fees evolving non payment.  Client agrees to pay Pro Trap Wildlife Control attorney fees. Should Pro Trap need to go to court for any reason as of landlord and tenant issue client agrees to pay for lost time.


If customer or other occupants of the structure(s), or adjacent buildings, believe they are or may be sensitive to pesticides or their odors, or if customer or other occupants have consulted with a medical doctor, or other healthcare provider, regarding such sensitivity, customer must notify Pro Trap in advance of treatment of the structure(s).  Pro Trap reserves the right, upon receipt of such notifications to deny or terminate service.   Failure to provide such notification represents customer’s assumption of risk and wavier of any claims against Pro Trap in connection with such sensitivity.


Prior to such treatment, the customer or its agent must divulge and information concerning hidden plenum air spaces, air ducts, crawl spaces, wells, cisterns, concealed pipes or cables, water proofing installing, high water table, dampness or moisture conditions or any other conditions that may contribute to pollution of the environment.   Failure by the customer or its agent prior to treatment by Pro Trap, to divulge such information to Pro Trap, forever and fully releases Pro Trap from any and all liability arising out of such treatment.


Customer understands that pro trap is not responsible for and does not guarantee against present and future damage to the building or contents, or provide for the repair or replacement thereof.  This contract does not guarantee, and Pro Trap does not represent that covered insects will not return to the property


Pro Trap is not responsible for repairs to damages disclosed in its inspection.  In addition, hidden damage may exist in concealed, obstructed or inaccessible areas.  No attempt to remove siding, plastic or sheet rock, insulation, carpeting, paneling, etc. To search for hidden infestation/ damage is made.  Pro trap cannot guarantee that infestation/damage disclosed by the floor level visual inspection of the premises shown above represents the entirety of the infestation/damage which may exist as of the date of the initial control application. Pro Trap shall not be responsible for repair of any existing damage, including without limitations, any damage that exists in areas or in structural members, which were not accessible for visible inspection as of the date of this inspection.   It is advisable that a qualified building expert inspect the property to determine what effect, if any, the infection/damage has upon the structural integrity of the property. Upon spider spray pro trap is not liable for any discoloration of home due to chemical used.


Although Pro Trap will exercise reasonable care in performing services under this contract.  Pro Trap will not be liable for injuries or damage to persons, property, birds, animals, fish, vegetation.  Further, under no circumstances will pro trap be responsible for any injury, disease or illness caused or allegedly caused by bites, stings or contamination of bed bugs or any other insects, spiders, rodents or beetles.  Pro Trap representatives are not medically trained to diagnose borne illnesses or diseases.   Please consult your physician for any medical diagnosis.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, Pro Trap will not be liable for personal injury, death, property damage, loss of income or any other damages whatsoever, including consequential and incidental damages arising from this service.   Pro Trap liability is specifically limited to the labor and products necessary to help reduce populations


Pro Trap will perform the work in the workman-like manner.  Pro Trap will exercise reasonable care while performing any work hereunder to try to avoid damaging any part of the structure(s), plants, animals.  Under no circumstances or conditions shall Pro Trap be responsible for damage caused by Pro Trap at the time the work is performed.  Change in law this contract shall be interpreted, regulated and adjusted in accordance with applicable federal, provincial and local laws and regulations as they exist at the time this contract is executed.   Should and federal, provincial and local law and regulations be changed regarding Pro Trap services or treatments, Pro Trap may take whatever steps necessary to comply with said laws.


Pro Trap will apply treatment, as it deems appropriate to all potential harborage areas within the structure. Customer agrees to provide access to the structure at the schedule time of service.  In the event Pro Trap is denied access to the interior of the structure, Pro Trap will not provide treatment and customer agrees to pay a service charge for a return visit to provide treatment to the structure.

Pro Trap wildlife control & pest management is not responsible for any injury, disease, or illness caused, or allegedly caused, by bites, stings or contamination by insects or organisms.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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