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April 27/2019 Sandy

I had a bat in January. I hope it was a fluke. Meantime, they came & filled every hole they could outside & replaced the roof vents..Also inserted an exit tube that *they* could go out but not back in. They finished yesterday with a 2 hour inspection. including taking pictures of my attic. Not a sign. He also answered my questions & I had a page full One wasa *bat house*  as everybody told me I shoulld have. They say no so will listen to the EXPERTS I am still scared & hope it will pass. Thanks Jack to you & your wonderful staff By the way, The night I called you in a panic, we got the bugger & put him out in zero weather I pray I have no more.

April 23/2019 Connie Kort

We recently had a raccoon living in our soffit. Pro trap came right away and humanely removed the raccoon and relocated him to another home. They repaired all the damage the raccoon created . They also identified other potential problems on our roof. They corrected the screens on the chimney and vent to prevent possible entry of bats .  They are very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.  Jack and his guys did a wonderful job repairing the damage done and installing safeguards for future invasions of raccoons.  Great job guys. Would definitely recommend Pro-trap and would never hesitate to call them again with any future problems.

April 11/2019 Brent Roe

Came out quickly after a raccoon got into our attic. Knowledgeable and friendly employees who made sure nothing would get in the way it did before. Warrantied their work for 5 years too.

September 18/2018 Amber Louis

I had Protrap out to my house in July because I had a problem with bats. The guys that came out were very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me the process to get the bats out of my home. I am happy to say my home is bat free! I highly recommend them.

August 15/2018 michaelmcgrathsing

Had a sparrow problem, two stories up in the soffits. Pro-Trap came out, fixed the problem, and sealed the 4 entryways the sparrows were using. When Pro-Trap left, the sparrows returned and breached an entrance (patch hadn’t fully cured). Pro-Trap returned to finish the job. No more sparrows. Happy with the results.


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  1. Lou Machina

    Earlier this summer Mike from ProTrap was our salvation! A very determined mama raccoon had ripped apart our roof vent in order to have her babies in out attic. Mike was able to determine what the critter was, and replaced the vent. However, apparently mama was in the process of moving her babies so ripped another one apart in order to get back to them. After a further inspection of the attic, Mike and the young lady working with him (she was terrific as well) found one last baby down in the soffit and were able to rescue it – still alive but with eyes not even open yet. The baby was to be taken to a wildlife rescue facility where they felt it would have a good survival opportunity. One last roof vent was installed and all has been well since then. We could not have asked for a more professional handling of our situation – FIVE STARS all around.

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