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Rodents Q&A


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Rodents in the house? If you need rodent removal services we can help. Our rodent control specialists can take care of all your rodent problems.

Q – How do you get rid of a rodent problem?

A – Pro trap always uses poison to get rid of rodents and keep them under control.

Q – Do you ever use traps to get rid of the rodents?

A – No, pro trap never uses traps. Trapping rodents is never effective when you have a rodent problem. The reason is because rodents are very smart and most will not go near a trap.

Q – Why is poison more effective?

A – Rodents are always looking for food. The poison is attractive to rodents. The rodents can not resist eating the poison making it more effective.

Q – Can i just buy poison from a store?

A – Yes you can buy poison from a store. The only problem with that is that it is a low grade poison and not very effective. The poison pro trap uses is high grade and very effective. In Order to get a high grade poison you would need training and a license to buy and use it.

Q – Will i have dead rodents all over the place?

A – No, it is not very common to see a dead rodent. The poison is designed to make the rodents thirsty then which make them go outside to find a water source. Once the rodent drinks the water it activates the poison and they don’t make it back to the home.

Q – How long is the poison good for?

A – Poison can lose potency after being out of the container after 45 days then it’s not as effective.

Q – Does the poison have to be replaced?

A – Every three months the poison should be replaced in order to keep the rodents under control.

Q – How long should we poison for?

A – To keep rodents under control, would mean continuing the treatments every three months. Rodents reproduce very quickly and can cause a lot of damage to a home. Also they can spread many different diseases that can be life threatening to pets and humans.

Q – How fast can rodents reproduce?

A – Rodents can reproduce very fast. One female and its offspring in a one year time period can produce over 100,000.00 rodents. And that’s why it’s important to keep them under control.