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Did You Know It’s Breeding Season For Wildlife in Your Home?

possum-hiding-in-the-house removed by Pro Trap Animal Removal & Pest Control | Southwestern Ontario

During the winter months, wild animals are not only trying to survive the cold weather by finding food and staying warm, this is also their breeding season. That’s right, the inside of your home could potentially be the breeding ground for wildlife!

Breeding Season

From January to February, wild male animals are on the move looking for females to breed with. As they move around the area, the males mark their territory. Various wild animals have different techniques for marking their territory, most commonly done by scent. However, some wildlife are known to be territorial and could damage the structure of your home.

What Happens After Breeding

Once the male finds their female, they mate with them and then they find a safe and warm place to have their babies. From this point, the female may not leave until spring. They could stay dormant during the winter months because they are still looking to breed and/or have their babies.

What Do I Do?

If you think there’s a nest in your house, don’t wait until the spring, call Pro Trap today to get rid of them!